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The Ultimate Guide to Single Customer View

The Ultimate Guide to Single Customer View


How is a Single Customer View (SCV) different from other aggregated customer databases? What are the benefits of a 360-view of your customers? How does an SCV improve marketing personalization and segmentation?

Whether you’re getting to grips with the concept of a Single Customer View, or you need to know what to consider before building one, or want to better understand the ROI of an SCV, The Ultimate Guide to Single Customer View has the answer.

In The Ultimate Guide to Single Customer View, you’ll learn:

  • Why you need a Single Customer View
  • How Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) and SCVs relate
  • Why data governance and preparation is a vital consideration
  • How an SCV drives personalization strategies
  • How to measure the ROI of a Single Customer View
  • What your C-levels will want to know before you start an SCV build
  • The importance of owning the Intellectual property of your SCV

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