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Context Marketing Workbook


Context Marketing Workbook

Delivering a truly tailored, personalized experience to customers, at scale and across any channel, was once an impossible dream. But now, new marketing technology allows you to understand exactly where customers are on their digital decision journey and offer them useful, relevant content just when they’re most receptive to it. 

Managing such a personalized experience means you have to provide content in the context of a customer’s past and current interactions. Only by marketing in context can you deliver relevant, personalized brand experiences. But how do you go about getting your context marketing efforts off the ground?

A context marketing mindset will help you:

  • Understand the customer
  • Gain insight from behavior
  • Respond with relevant content
  • Create more productive organizational norms
  • Focus on the business case
  • Use metrics that focus on business objectives 
  • Keep everything integrated

To learn more about the context marketing mindset, download this ebook.

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