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Driving Contextual Marketing Experiences In The Increasingly Anonymous Era


Driving Contextual Marketing Experiences In The Increasingly Anonymous Era

For many companies, more than 97% of website visitors are anonymous – they have not shared any identifying piece of information about themselves, such as an email address. This might sound like a problem – how can you possibly engage with customers you know so little about? – but according to real-time customer data solutions company Tealium, anonymous data presents a huge opportunity for marketers.

This report explains how anonymous data can be used to create richer customer profiles that include product preferences, funnel stage, and propensity to convert. In fact, according to Tealium, ‘anonymous’ website visitor profiles can be far more detailed than ‘known’ ones, as they include insights from hundreds of the customer’s interactions with you.

These insights can enable far more contextually relevant marketing, including more accurate and effective retargeting.

The report also covers value of different types of customer data (anonymous vs. known, first-party vs. third-party), best practice methods for collecting anonymous data, so that marketers may deliver better contextual experiences, and the technology requirements and capabilities required to support a successful anonymous data strategy.

Download the report now to capture that missing 97%.

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